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hmm does he look delicious or just lovely? :D

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A personal project created for fun, inspired by the myth of Cronus, the first titan and father of the gods, that in order to not be overcome by his own sons, he devoured them. Symbol in the ancient mythology of the time destroying all things and the past consuming the future.
As i like to always add some twist in my personal works and it's one of the very rare periods in which i have positive feelings and dont feel misanthropic :P, at a certain point i decided to make the titan in the act of keeping the son safe in his arm (even though this could also be left to the viewer's interpretation, the lack of expression in the face wants to give the freedom to decide by yourself what is gonna happen next ).
in my vision the broken hourglass is meant to be the time that flows away, that is just an illusion and looses importance when compared to other things in life.
everything is done in zbrush, starting from rough dynameshed base meshes. the sand effect was created thanks to the amazing nanomesh feature. Hope you like it!

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