Elder Predator
Daniele angelozzi frontdwn1

Front View

Daniele angelozzi siderightdwn

Side view

Daniele angelozzi sideleftdwn

Side view

Daniele angelozzi sculpt1

Sculpt 1

Daniele angelozzi sculpt2

Sculpt 2

Daniele angelozzi wirefront

Wireframe 1

Daniele angelozzi wireback

Wireframe 2

Elder Predator

model based on the elder predator statue by sideshow colletibles. Personal tribute to one of my favourite monster designs of all times, and an attempt to create a cinematic character.
Modeled in ZBrush/Softimage, sculpted in ZBrush, textured in Mari (organic parts, bones and clothes) and Substance Designer/Painter (Metal armour, props and weapons), Rendered in Vray.

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