Historia: Muhur Khan
Daniele danko angelozzi front

clay render

Daniele danko angelozzi back

clay render

Daniele danko angelozzi zgrab17

Zbrush bpr

Daniele danko angelozzi zgrab15

zbrush bpr

Daniele danko angelozzi zgrab16

zbrush bpr

Daniele danko angelozzi muhur

the original concept, we changed some stuff in order to ease the casting process, balance the miniature and make it more interesting for miniature painters adding details, especially on the chair

Historia: Muhur Khan

A sculpt depicting one of the characters of a concept book called
"Historia, of mages and brigands, villains and heroes"
together with a team composed of friends working in the cg field, under the supervision of the creator of the book
we decided to turn the characters into miniatures. as cats are the most beloved subjects in the whole internet, i decided to go first with this huge spherical dude :).
the page will also post updates related to the physical miniatures (actually in production)

More artwork
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