Life and Death
Daniele angelozzi fin1

zbrush grab...still thinking that maybe it is better then the final image :D :D :D

Daniele angelozzi newcomposite1

slight different version, with a better skin shading on her

Daniele angelozzi finalresized

final image, because in the side view you can't see the spider eating the butterfly :D

Daniele angelozzi fin2

zbrush grab

Daniele angelozzi fin3

zbrush grab

Life and Death

Fan art based on the amazing life and death concepts by Otto Schmidt. i started trying to recreate one of his drawings, but after that i decided to make a more complex scene adding stuff here and there to play with the idea of the interconnection between life and death.
Ivys made with ivy generator for blender , spiderwebs with softimage ice system (that apart from being dead, and so fitting perfectly in this project, still has some of the most awesome features when it comes to create procedural stuff of various kind)

More artwork
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