Strength - zbrush sculptoff 2018
Daniele danko angelozzi sculpt

live sculptoff final image

Daniele danko angelozzi 01

first concept

Daniele danko angelozzi 003

second concept

Daniele danko angelozzi old3

second concept evolution

Daniele danko angelozzi base render 34594

third concept

Daniele danko angelozzi old2

third concept evolution

Daniele danko angelozzi 2

final concept

Daniele danko angelozzi last

final concept evolution

Strength - zbrush sculptoff 2018

My entry for the zbrush summit 2018 sculptoff, organic category, this year's theme was the tarot cards, and my choice was the Strength. the card symbolizes that animal instinct and raw passion can be expressed in positive ways when inner strength and resilience are applied, with no coercion or force, so i decided to go with a cartoon style and link the idea of the strength being a calming and loving energy to the act of kissing. also shoving some of the iterations done before the sculptoff that led me to the final concept and look, in the beginning i was trying to stick with something more focused on lookin badass, but in the end i changed my mind and went with a thing more in line with the card meaning

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Daniele danko angelozzi 01Daniele danko angelozzi 06Daniele danko angelozzi sgfinal